We are happy to announce you that the Streetswing Orchestra got one more member and has become a quartet.
It's time for new musical adventures with Julien playing the drums.

Watch our new video!

The Streetswing Orchestra is participating in the new creation "Saison de cirque" of CIRQUE AÏTAL.

We are in residence since April 2018 in order to compose the music for this new show.You can discover us with the circus as of the end of June.Unfortunately there is not much time left to play concerts this year ...... but what a nice adventure for us to work with this magnificent circus company!

For more information: www.cirque-aital.com

Cirque Aïtal


2017 has been a great year for us!

We took a lot of pleasure in playing all these concerts this year, we have been motivated, inspired and we have been composing ... There are 12 new songs which formed a new album, our third one.
On "Bragaswing" there are some beautiful surprises waiting to be discovered and we are proud to announce you that the album will still be released in 2017.
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See you soon dear friends of the Streetswing!

Here is a little foretaste for you on Youtube:

And here is a first song of "Bragaswing" released on Soundcloud:


There are some good news...
Finally ...
The Streetswing Orchestra on video !

The Sweet Strings are particularly proud of their brand-new teaser!
It was shot in Marseille, directed by our dear friend Victor Coste.
5 minutes and 37 seconds of exciting pictures and groovy sound.

Here we go, watch it ... and if you like it, don´t hesitate to share it! See you

Hi there Streetswing's friends !

We are really proud to introduce you our new LP. With "Baba's wings" we stay faithful to the swing, yet we express the desire to experiment our creativity through our musical roots. There are 9 tracks, whose 6 are compositions, that result and delight the audience with their originality, their wealth of tone color and their leading pace.

You can listen to some tracks thanks to the website's audio player.

You can get the LP directly after the concerts by direct sales, or by mail order selling.

Cheers !